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Personal Message from Wes

I care about your financial well-being over your entire lifetime and not just year to year.

Building wealth is important, but unless it’s structured and managed with purpose, all the money in the world won’t lead to a richer, happier life.

I truly believe that a sound plan will not only enhance your financial position but also provide you with far more enjoyment and peace of mind.


First meeting

We will have an initial discussion to get to know more about you, your family, your financial position and goals and objectives. This meeting (up to 2 hours) is offered free of charge and without any obligations. Yet, the value it can bring to your life? It has the potential to be immeasurable.


Scope of Advice

It involves carrying out comprehensive research regarding your current financial arrangements. If we are confident that we can add value to your situation, we will advise you of the associated costs and seek your consent to develop a tailored plan (known as Statement of Advice).


Statement of Advice

This document will detail our recommendations so you can make an informed decision. Our remuneration is based entirely on the service we provide and we do not receive investment commissions or additional payments from our licensee for any products that are recommended.


Implementation and Review

Once the plan is completed, we will present it to you and if you are comfortable with the advice, we will then work on the implementation and review its progress.

Snapshot of Services

Wealth creation doesn’t involve just investing and/or managing your finances. It also requires an understanding of your goals, your lifestyle choices and your future needs.

It’s important to build a financial plan that can evolve as your life changes. Our approach incorporates all aspects of financial advice – from protecting yourself and your loved ones as you set out on the wealth creation journey, to investing (both inside and outside of super), to retirement planning and of course estate planning for the next generation

Wealth Planning

The wealth management strategy developed for you will be a step-by-step plan – comprehensive, flexible, and designed by Wes and the team.

Retirement Planning

Whether your retirement is fast approaching or it’s still on the horizon, careful planning now will ensure that you don’t outlive your money.

Wealth Protection

When building wealth it is crucial to manage risks so you have certainty your goals will not be compromised in the event of death or disability.


Renato BarretoRenato Barreto
05:04 05 Jul 23
Wesley has been more than financial adviser to me and my partner. He truly understands ours goals and planned them accordingly with our situation. Also, his ability to break down complex financial concepts into simple terms made it easy for us to make complex decisions. We are so glad to have him as our financial adviser, and we highly recommend his services to anyone. Thank you so much Wes for all your support and dedication.
Val SetubalVal Setubal
03:51 03 Jan 23
I can't speak highly enough about him and his services. Very competent professional, with tons of empathy and patience to show and explain his plan and understand our goals and needs. He is wise and capable in his field.He showed us a great plan and understand the best pathwayto achieve our goals. My partner and I are now more comfortable with our finances and understanding more of the Australian way of things. Thank you Wes
Kirstine McDonnellKirstine McDonnell
08:34 25 Jul 22
My husband and I are so grateful for the care and advice we have received from Wes and all the Team at Next Generation Wealth. We started working with Wes as we were approaching retirement, and set goals and plans in place. Just as well we did! Before our due dates for retirement, we both became seriously ill, with multiple stays in hospital undergoing surgery. This meant early, unplanned retirement, and no time to even consider our financial situation. Wes stayed in touch during this difficult time, but because of what had been put in place, our retirement investments were able to "take care of themselves!" We were so relieved, as we realised we were going to recover our health (not a certainty for a while!), to discover that our superannuation investments had carried on making money for us, just as Wes had planned, when he helped us to develop an investment strategy, and select investments. That meant we have enough to live a comfortable life now, enjoying trips around Australia with our "retirement" caravan - part of our initial strategy, even though we retired at least 2 years earlier than intended. I dread to think what our situation would have been if we had not got to know Wes and got started on our plan when we did. A big "Thank You!" Wes.
Wesley has advised me in many areas including managing my super funds, investments , retirement management, etc. He is able to explain different strategies to me in a clear and straight forward manner. I feel confident in his experience and knowledge when advice has been given.
Carol MaldonCarol Maldon
04:40 11 Jul 22
We have had Wesley sort out our difficult finances for many years now and trust him completely! We have had a few sticky situations but Wesley has always worked worked with us to get to a agreeable and financially viable outcome. He has come up with a workable plan for our transition to retirement that lets us still have a life and see our future goals at the end. We would highly recommend Wesley.
Filipe AraujoFilipe Araujo
20:38 03 Jul 22
When my wife and I first went to Wesley, we had no plans and no structure. He helped us by setting us up to achieve our dreams and the dreams have come through. Wesley is very kind, competent and passionate at what he does. I don't think twice before recommending him to anyone in search for building wealth, the smart way.
Dani Caye MakeupDani Caye Makeup
10:19 23 Jun 22
We were looking for a financial adviser after getting to a point of planning our future while taking care of what we had - from super, to investments even how to proceed with a will and a trust. We didn’t know anything about it but Wes has let us very comfortable in asking questions and communication with him was so easy and straightforward! He’s a great professional, always ready to help and coming up with solutions or appointing us in the right direction. Thank you Wesley and guys you’ll be in great hand in choosing him to help you with your finances.

Our Story

Our financial advice business was started as an adjunct to Andrew Sawyer’s successful Mortgage Choice franchise which he has owned and operated since 2001. Wes Oliveira joined the company in 2017 and it has blossomed under his stewardship to become the full service advice business that we’d always dreamed that it would become.

Assisting clients has been a part of our DNA from the very beginning and we appreciate the need to keep winning their trust each year.

A word from Wes

We are all different, aren’t we? With so many unique careers and life paths, we all need advice tailored to our particular situation.
Due to a premature death of my parents, I learned at a very young age the importance of:

• Being financially organised
• Educating myself about investing
• Planning for the future

I believe that financial advice is not just about investing It’s about setting a plan that has clear directions so that you can make informed decisions at all stages of your life

Business Details (Wes)

AR no: 001285442 / CAR no: 000451135 / Financial Services Guide
Licensee: Alliance Wealth PTY LTD

Next Generation Wealth

Meet the team

Name: Wesley Oliveira 
Company Role: Financial Adviser

Favourite quote:Achievement is more important than speed” 

Background: Hailing directly from Brazil, Wes has had several technical and research roles within the Banking & Finance industry since 2008.

He has the following qualifications:
Bachelor of Business Administration (2008) 
Post-Graduate in Finance and Auditing (2011) 
Diploma in Financial Planning (2016) 
Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning (2017) 
Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning (2020) 
Master of Financial Planning (2021) 

What are the values that drive you?
Fairness / Transparency / Discipline 

Top favourite Books:
Rich Dad Poor Dad / The Monk who sold his Ferrari / Thinking Fast and Slow 

Soccer – Board Games – Reading 

What volunteering or passion projects do you do outside of work?
Using social media to improve people’s financial literacy

Name: Carly Feeney
Company Role: Financial Planning Assistant

Favourite quote: Happiness lies in having less expectations and more appreciation.

Background: Perth born and bred, Carly has been working in the Financial Planning Industry for 8 years and prior to this was working in the Broking Industry for 6 years.

What are the values that drive you?
Accountability, Discipline & Loyalty

Top favourite Books:
Too many to list – I love reading but mainly enjoy reading Fiction

Gym, reading, Bushwalking/Hiking
Passion Projects outside of work: Personal Training & Group Fitness

Name: Vinicius Pereira Santos
Company Role: Paraplanner/Financial Associate

Favourite quote: “If you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand” – Bob Proctor.

Background: Vini possesses extensive background knowledge in the field of finances and investments, having actively engaged in this realm since 2015.

Bachelor of Business Administration (2014)
MBA in Finances, Controllership and Audit (2016)
Certificate IV in Leadership and Management (2019)

What are the values that drive you?
Resilience, loyalty, discipline and determination.

Top favourite Books:
Think and Grow Rich / Psycho-Cybernetics / One up on Wall Street / Unlimited Power

Fishing – Work out – Reading


How much should you
be saving for retirement?

How much life
Insurance do you need?

Should I pay down
debt or invest?

A comprehensive financial plan will give you the confidence to know that you’re on the right track and every aspect of your financial life has been taken into account.
We will create a tailored plan for your finances that spells out the actions you need to take to achieve your goals.

Wealth Planning

The wealth management strategy developed for you will be a step-by-step plan – comprehensive, flexible, and designed by Wes and the team. Our strategies will cover elements such as your lifestyle preferences, tax efficiency, diversification, cost structure and timeframe.

We will address questions like the ones below:


  • Investments – What is your risk appetite? Do you know the characteristics among the investment options such as direct shares, managed funds, exchange traded funds (ETF’s), etc?
  • Super / SMSF – Are you getting the best deal with your current Super provider in terms of cost, protection and investiment options? Do you understand the concept of Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)?
  • Taxation – Are there any tax-savings opportunities available to you?
  • Cashflow – Should I pay down debt or invest?
  • Estate Planning – Do you have your legal affairs in order should life deliver you an unexpected surprise?

Retirement Planning

Whether your retirement is fast approaching or it’s still on the horizon, careful planning now will ensure that you don’t outlive your money. The first step is to identify your risk profile and investment preferences and then create a strategy that better fits your wealth management plans. This will enable us to model how much money you’re likely to have in retirement.

We will address questions like the ones below:


  • What kind of lifestyle do you want to have in retirement?
  • Super – Did you know that after your family home, your superannuation may be your largest asset?

  • Pension – How does a Transition to Retirement work? What are the benefits and implications?

  • Debt Management – What is the best way for you to tackle your debt and how should it be prioritized?

    Age Pension – Do you think you will be eligible for age pension payments? What is the distinction between asset and income test?

Wealth Protection

Most people understand the importance of protecting their home against theft, their car against damage, and their health against the unexpected, but they often fail to protect themselves. When building wealth it is crucial to manage risks so you have certainty your goals will not be compromised in the event of death or disability, for instance.

Our main asset is the ability to work so we can generate income to fulfill our needs and aspirations. With this in mind, what is your plan B with you cannot work for 12 months?

After reviewing your financial position, we will help you to understand how insurances work by going through the definition for each cover and their characteristics. Ultimately, we will prepare a comprehensive personal protection strategy with the view to ensure you and your family are correctly protected against life uncertainties. In addition, it will be designed in a tax-effective way and structured (super and/or non-super) based on your circumstances.


We believe we will address questions like the ones below:


  • Life Insurance – How to ensure your loved ones and their financial future is secured when you pass away?

  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) – How would you support yourself and your family if you were unable to work again due to becoming totally and permanently disabled? Do you know the difference between “Any Occupation and “Own Occupation”?

  • Trauma (known as Critical Illness) – How can you ease financial stress by having trauma insurance in place?

  • Income Protection – How to ensure you can keep your lifestyle and living expenses if you lose your ability to work?


What can I expect when hiring a Financial Adviser at Next Generation Wealth?

Education, experience, competence, and transparency. It’s also important for us to make decisions in your best interests. We take the time to explain things well in terms you can easily understand, no matter what your level of financial knowledge – this is our investment in you.

What is involved in financial planning?

Financial planning looks at a person's overall financial picture. We put together a detailed plan designed to improve your overall financial position. That may be followed by a long-term plan, along with suggestions about how to save and invest for retirement and a child's college education at the same time. We also look at ways to reduce current and future tax liabilities and protect assets by having the proper insurance (Life, TPD, Trauma and Income Protection) strategy in place. In addition, we can facilitate your estate planning.

How much money do I need to get a financial advice?

You don’t need any set amount of money to work with Next Generation Wealth. We want to bring quality, objective financial advice to those who haven’t had a chance to accumulate wealth yet but want to enhance their financial position.

What's the difference between financial planning and retirement planning?

A financial plan is designed to focus on the accumulation phase of the work-life cycle, to make sure you have a general, but realistic, target of how much you’ll need after work stops. It also helps ensure that you’re saving and investing enough to hit that target when you do retire.
By comparison, a retirement financial plan is designed to focus in detail on expenses after the pay check stops and how your various assets can generate an income stream that will cover those costs for the rest of your life.

How will I know I’m getting my money’s worth with you?

Our goal is to provide more value than we cost. We want to help people, so if we don’t think we can put you in a better position than you are now, we won’t work with you. While we do improve our clients’ financial situations, most of them say that the greatest value we provide is actually the peace of mind of knowing that they are on the right track and they aren’t trying to figure everything out alone.

What happens to the information I provide?

All information you provide is completely confidential. None of your information will be shared unless authorized by you.

How can I minimise my taxes through investing?

With well-considered tax planning and the use of appropriate entities and structures. We educate our clients around simple ways to save income tax and invest tax efficiently.

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